Shrinking Violet Inch Loss Treatment  85mins £76
This revolutionary new treatment uses a method called lipolysis which is a painless, effortless process that breaks down fat cells from problem areas on the body. The active ingredients continue working for up to 72 hours so in most cases we expect the inch loss to keep going! Many people lose up to a whole dress size after only one treatment. Great for assisting with both long term weight management or to get into that fabulous dress for a special occasion.
A course of six is recommended for optimum results. Please ask for course prices.
Not suitable during pregnancy



Velvet Skin Ritual  55 mins £61
Anti-age Marula oil exfoliating massage treatment infused with cinnamon & ginger. This skin nourishing ritual will sooth the senses and leave your skin soft and velvety smooth. Incorporates exfoliation and relaxing massage. 
Not suitable during pregnancy



Detox Body Booster Wrap  55mins £58
A detoxifying  body wrap treatment  to naturally stimulate the circulation, eliminate toxins and rejuvenate your body. Your treatment will include dry skin brushing exfoliation to stimulate the superficial circulation, a powerful detox body wrap containing  orange, grapefruit and juniper berry oils to eliminate toxins plus a relaxing foot & scalp massage
Not suitable during pregnancy




NEW Fragrant Monoi Body Wrap  55mins £62
A nourishing body wrap with the natural scent of the fragrant Monoi flowers. Naturally produced from Gardenia flowers, the Monoi fragrance is combine with a blend of Cocoa and Shea butters and Anti-oxidant White Tea to produce a skin loving body balm used in this replenishing and skin rejuvenating body wrap treatment. Treatment includes gentle dry skin body brushing, monoi body wrap and relaxing scalp massage … pure Tahiti Heaven!
Not suitable during pregnancy



Collagen Body Smooth Massage  55mins £55
This Anti-age Marine Collagen Body Butter massage with natural skin peptides and  stimulating Mandarin and Violet leaf encourage the skin to produce natural Collagen which aids healthy, vibrant and wrinkle free skin. With all the relaxing aspects of a massage this Collagen Body Smooth treatment will leave your skin looking visibly smoother and younger. We recommend 1 treatment monthly and use of the Collagen Body Butter as a maintenance. Not suitable during pregnancy



NEW Firm & Control  25mins £35
There is no magic fix to cellulite! But our Firm & Control massage treatment offers a natural approach to encourage the skins natural processes, helping to smooth and refine cellulite areas and to let your body deal with cellulite naturally. Includes invigorating body brushing and stimulating massage techniques to cellulite prone areas using our firm & control oil. Not suitable during pregnancy
We recommend 1 treatment per week for 5-10 weeks and the use of the oils below between treatments as a maintenance and treatment improver. We also recommend one treatment monthly following the course.



Exfoliating Body Buff with Lemon & Lime Moisturise  25 mins £28
To Smooth & Hydrate
After an effective dry body buffing exfoliation we apply a light covering of  Lemon & Lime body cream to leave skin refreshed, re-hydrated and delicately fragrant.
Not suitable during pregnancy




Exfoliating Body Buff Moisturise & Massage  55 mins £48
To Smooth, Hydrate & Relax
An effective dry body buffing exfoliation, relaxing back massage and a light covering of Lemon & Lime body cream to leave skin refreshed, re-hydrated and delicately fragrant
Not suitable during pregnancy