ULTRATONE The Ultimate Face and Body Shaper - £52

Body Shaping, Slimming and Weight Loss Treatments  are performed with the most advanced Ultratone Futura Pro machine capable of performing many slimming & toning treatments including Detox, Sports Training, Toning, Slimming and Therapeutic.  Men greatly benefit from these treatments. The enormous advances in the use of micro current Bio-Stimulation with Ultrasound Technology to breakdown excess fat and cellulite.

Biostimulation pads are placed on key points of the body exercising the muscles creating an immediate slimming and toning effect.  Ultratone will improve your posture and help resolve back problems. Fat is broken down and the cells are cleared naturally by your bodies lymphatic drainage system. If you have stubborn areas of fat,  don't despair these can be broken down with Ultrasound over a course of treatments.

The Ultratone Futura Pro offers unlimited individual programmes as it creates a treatment plan based upon details of age, gender, weight, measurements, body type, problem areas and desired results. 


As we age facial muscles lose their natural firmness and elasticity. Ultratone gently exercises and re-educates the small, delicate facial muscles in your face. The result is a healthier complexion, improved tone, smoothness and definition, facial lift and tightening and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


Body Treatments for Women
Want to reduce Cellulite, reshape your figure, trim your waist or flatten your tummy, shape your bottom, slim your thighs or lift your bust? Ultratone has 30 sequential phases to incorporate warm up, fat & cellulite reduction, muscle lifting, tightening, toning, shaping, workout, strengthening & firming, lymphatic drainage, detox, circulation and skin smoothing.

Body Treatments for Men
Want a six pack, strengthen your quadriceps, build up your pectoral muscles, shape your gluteal muscles or improve your posture? Each Ultratone Program has 30 sequential phases to incorporate warm up, muscle toning, workout, strengthening, endurance, speed, stamina, power building, fat reduction, tightening, firming, lymphatic drainage, detox, circulation and dermal revive.


Each appointment will take between 45-55mins and will include consultation, placement/removal of ultratone pads, your unique programme session and a finishing application of firming and toning aftercare. We would always recommend a monthly maintenance following a course of treatments.
Not suitable during pregnancy

For a more detailed idea of how Ultralone can help you just ask one of our trained therapists.