Our Signature Massage Menu

Simply relax and forget about everything whilst you are treated to a wonderful relaxing experience

Candle Massage Ritual 85mins £75
Warmed shea & cocoa butter candle oils, of your choosing, are used in this light to medium pressure body, face & scalp massage. This delightful head to toe, skin nourishing spa treatment melts away tension leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed
Not suitable during pregnancy
Our massage candles are hand made in Scotland and available to purchase from reception



Candle Massage 55mins £60
A light to medium pressure body massage using warmed candle massage oils of your choosing.  This delightful, skin nourishing therapy is sure to melt away stress and tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Not suitable during pregnancy
Our superior quality massage candles are hand made in Scotland and available to purchase from reception


Basalt Stone Massage 85mins £65
This extended Basalt Stone Massage is an all embracing body, face & scalp ritual designed to work on muscle tension at the deepest level. Using smooth, warmed basalt stones and aromatic oils to aid blood circulation, this deeply relaxing treatment helps the body to re-charge, relax and repair. The finishing touch to this wonderful experience is a relaxing facial massage using a light and luxurious Abyssinian facial oil rich in skin nourishing and conditioning properties. Not suitable during pregnancy



Basalt  Stone Massage 55mins £55
A tailored blend of aromatherapy oils and warmed Basalt massage stones are used in this full body massage to deeply relax the muscles and calm the emotions. 
Not suitable during pregnancy



Sensorial Aroma Body Massage - 55mins £55
A light pressure, body, face & scalp massage using fragrant oils for a personalised sensorial journey. Choose between a truly Awakening Experience with  Lemon & Patchouli, an Uplifting & Refreshing journey with Bergamot & Eucalyptus or a Soothing & Calming Escape with Sandalwood & Lavender Not suitable during pregnancy



Spa Body Massage 55mins £52
Let us immerse you into a blissful state of wellbeing. Using only organic aromatherapy oils and light to medium pressure massage techniques this soothing body massage will help you relax and unwind.
Not suitable during pregnancy


Signature Body Massage 55mins £55
A firm to medium pressure full body massage combining our signature blend of cold pressed Sweet Almond, Sea Buckthorn, Argan and Coconut Oil.  This Swedish style massage will aim to tease-out back knots, relieve muscular tension and ease aches and pains  while the rich blend of skin loving ingredients  deeply nourishes and conditions the skin.
Not suitable during pregnancy


Five Steps to Heaven Body & Face Ritual 55mins £55
Your journey will begin with an Asian inspired 'welcome touch' followed by a spa back massage and warming heat therapy pack to encourage deep relaxation. An aromatic facial to smooth away stress and tiredness and a relaxing scalp massage will complete your journey … pure heaven!

Not suitable during pregnancy


NEW Collagen Body Smooth Massage  55mins £55
This Anti-age Marine Collagen Body Butter massage with natural skin peptides and  stimulating Mandarin and Violet leaf encourage the skin to produce natural Collagen which aids healthy, vibrant and wrinkle free skin. With all the relaxing aspects of a massage this Collagen Body Smooth treatment will leave your skin looking visibly smoother and younger. Not suitable during pregnancy


Aromaflex 55mins £50
A sensorial back, neck and shoulder massage combined with an aromaflex foot and leg massage. With a choice of aromatherapy oils to suit your mood, this holistic treatment promotes relaxation and helps fight fatigue and muscle pain.
Not suitable during pregnancy




Luxury Back, Face & Scalp Treatment 85mins £70
A real SPA experience targeting three key areas. This lovely treatment will include gentle body brushing for the back, aromatic back massage, personalised facial and relaxing scalp massage.
Not suitable during pregnancy





Indian Head Massage 25 mins £39
Ideal for any head, neck or shoulder tension. Can help reduce headaches and eye strain and revive mental clarity. Treatment carried out while you are seated.
Limited availability 

Not suitable during pregnancy




Back Neck & Shoulder Massage 25mins £39
A shorter version of our classic signature
body massage designed to help slowly
release tension from problem prone areas
of the back, neck and shoulders
Not suitable during pregnancy




Corporate Massage 25mins £35
Work related stress is one of the most common ailments that affects office/computer workers. The chair massage concentrates specifically on the neck and shoulders helping to relieve repetitive stress pain in the upper body




Thai Foot Massage 25mins £28
A relaxing, detox foot treatment carried out in our spa pedicure chairs. For the wonderful relief of tired aching feet this calming experience allows pressure to be gently applied to reflex points corresponding to various parts of the body which helps stimulate energy and blood flow leaving you feeling great!
Not suitable during pregnancy