Lash tinting will enhance the length of your lashes and allow you to ditch the mascara for upto 4 weeks. An eybrow tint will give your brows the depth and presence to enhance your eyes and frame your face.

Lash Tint 20-25mins £23
Brow Tint 15-20mins £15
Lash & Brow Tinting 25mins £34




Beautifully shaped and perfectly coloured brows will enhance your facial features. The right shape and colour of your eyebrows will take years off you.

Brow Shape (tweeze only) 15-20mins £14
Brow Shape & Tint (tweeze only) 25mins £25
Brow Tidy (tweeze only) 10-15mins £11


Temporary hair removal lasting upto 6 weeks


Full Leg Wax  £33                             Add basic Bikini Wax  £44
Three Quarter Leg Wax  £28          A
dd basic Bikini Wax  £33
Half Leg Wax  £25                             Add basic
 Bikini Wax  £32
Basic Bikini Wax  £18                       High Bikini Wax £20
Underarm Wax  £16                          Forearm Wax £20
Lip or Chin Wax  £13                         Lip & Chin Wax £21

Back wax £25 - Shoulder wax £20 - Chest wax £22 - Brow wax £14 5mins £19 15-25mins