Developed by skincare brand Nora Bode, the ABSOLUTE EFFECTS serums are cocktails of active ingredients with proven effectiveness, highly concentrated and free from fragrances, parabens and mineral oils. The serums are so effective and so pure that our therapists also use them in the NORA BODE OXYjet® PRESSURE INJECT treatments  

                     Everybody’s skin has individual needs and requires an individual skincare regime 

NORA BODE Problem Solver Facial £65*
The NORA BODE Problem Solver Facial is a bespoke, completely hands-on treatment incorporating the ABSOLUTE EFFECTS serum best suited to your skin. NORA BODE has developed five intensively moisturizing and oil free formulations to effectively fill lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation of impure skin, soothe sensitive skin, reduce pigmentation or revitalise and energise dull skin. 


To help maintain the benefits of your salon facial we recommend daily use of the Nora Bode Serum available to purchase from your skincare therapist.

VOLUME BOOSTER SERUM Fills up wrinkles and tightens the skin with immediate visible effects. 
ENERGY RE-LOAD SERUM Vitalising and energising concentrate for every skin type. GREAT FOR MEN!
BRIGHTENING CORRECTOR SERUM Pigmentation reducing and regenerating serum for every skin type.
SENSITIVE BALANCE SERUM Soothing, capillery stabilising and anti-reddening serum for sensitive skin. 
PURIFYING CONTROL SERUM Anti-inflammatory serum for the treatment of impure skin of any age.