Thai Foot Massage 25mins £29*
A relaxing, detox foot treatment carried out in our spa pedicure chairs. For the wonderful relief of tired aching feet this calming experience allows pressure to be gently applied to reflex points corresponding to various parts of the body which helps stimulate energy and blood flow leaving you feeling great!
Not suitable during pregnancy


Head in the Clouds 25mins £39*
Let your mind unwind ...
A shoulder, neck and head massage that will release tension and ease away the stresses of the day. 

Not suitable during pregnancy

Indian Head Massage 25mins £39*
Ideal for any head, neck or shoulder tension. Can help reduce headaches and eye strain and revive mental clarity. Treatment carried out while you are seated. Limited availability.
Not suitable during pregnancy


Hopi Ear Candles - 40 mins £39
A relaxing, stress-free, natural therapy treatment to relieve blocked ears from excessive wax, headaches, glue ear, sore throat, sinusitis, catarrh, and all the side effects they may bring.

*Not suitable during pregnancy