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OXYJET Prevent Facial s5 mins ANTI AGE

For younger skins wishing to tackle fine lines around the eyes, lips and forehead.

Pressure 'shots' of pure oxygen and muscle relaxing serums to the eye, lip and forehead areas. The treatment will naturally plump out lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

For long term results will be seen with all Oxyjet facials but a course of 4 treatments one per week is recommended with one treatment every 3 months as maintenance.

For optimal results add microdermabrasion to your facial

OXYJET Curative Facial 55 mins ANTI AGE

For mature skins wishing to tackle lines and wrinkles in the face and neck.

Pressure 'shots' of pure oxygen and volumising, collagen boosting and muscle relaxing serums to the full face, neck and decollete. This treatment will amplify Collagen within the skin, filling lines and wrinkles giving a smoother complexion

OXYJET Curative ULTRA Facial 85 mins ANTI AGE

The Curative Facial as above plus microdermabrasion and a Collagen & Caviar Mask

OXYJET Target Facial 25mins ANTI AGE

Pressure 'shots' of pure oxygen and line smoothing, muscle relaxing serums to one target area, forehead, eyes, lips, neck or decollete.

OXYGEN Facial 55mins ANTI AGE

The oxy energisernow includes NEW lymphatic draining to help reduce dark circles and puffiness. This oxygenating treatment breathes life into the skin for a fresh new look.

OXYPURE Facial 55mins ACNE

A new skin rejuvenation treatment that dramatically fights acne and reduces scaring associated with acne, giving a clear fresh look to the skin. Using the latest biotechnology, the treatment is scientifically proven to eliminate imperfections and fight bacteria associated with acne, restoring hormonal balance


Scientifically proven to reduce age spots and pigmentation caused by over exposure to the sun without the use of harsh chemicals and bleaching agents. With just 10 sessions achieve a drama1ic reduction in the appearance of skin discolouration with lasting results.

Microdermabrasion 25 mins RESURFACE

Gently removes dead skin cells and other debris that clog pores and lead to dull complexions and blemished skins. This treatment smooths acne scarring, reduces enlarged pores, evens out pigmentation and refines and purifies the skin like no other. The result is a healthy, natural, smooth and youthful looking skin.

OXYjet treatments am NOT suitable during pregnancy

For a FREE consultation with one ot our Oxy)et trained therapists please contact Salon reception.