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EXPRESS Manicure

The express manicure is ideal for neat & tidy nails and cuticles.
Includes polish removal (not gel) hand & nail soak, cuticle tidy, nail shape and application of OPI polish

CLASSIC 25 mins £30    INFINITE SHINE 25 mins £34  FRENCH 40 mins £35


The essential manicure is ideal for keeping the hands and nails in tip-top condition.
Includes polish removal (not gel) hand & nail soak, exfoliation, massage, cuticle tidy, nail shaping and a choice of OPI polish

WITHOUT POLISH 25 mins £34 CLASSIC 40 mins £35   INFINITE SHINE 40 mins £39    FRENCH 55 mins £40

LUXURY Manicure

A luxuriously pampering hand treatment to deeply hydrate the skin.
Includes polish removal (not gel) softening soak, exfoliation, massage, hand mask with heated pads, cuticle tidy, nail trim, file and OPI polish

WITHOUT POLISH 40 mins £39 CLASSIC 55 mins £42   INFINITE SHINE 55 mins £46  


EXPRESS Pedicure

An express foot service that includes hygiene spritz, polish removal (not gel) softening cuticle cream & heel balm, nail trim and application of OPI polish
PLEASE NOTE: This is a quick-fix pedicure service and due to the time restraints does not include foot soak, cuticle work or massage.
If you have hard skin, long or thick toenails or you require extensive cuticle work we recommend the Essential Pedicure.

CLASSIC 25 mins £30  INFINITE SHINE 25 mins £35  FRENCH 40 mins £35


Take a seat in one of our comfy spa bath pedicure chairs and enjoy this essential foot treatment. Includes removal of old polish (not gel) warm foot soak, nail cutting & shaping, exfoliating sugar scrub & foot file, cuticle care, foot & leg massage and an application of OPI polish.
WITHOUT POLISH  40 mins £35 CLASSIC 55 mins £42   INFINITE SHINE 55 mins £46   FRENCH 70 mins £47 

LUXURY Pedicure 

Relax in the comfort of a foot spa pedicure chair and enjoy this luxury foot treatment. Includes removal of old polish (not gel) warm foot soak, exfoliating scrub, foot file exfoliation, ultra-hydrating foot mask, heel balm, cuticle care, nail trim, foot & leg massage and application of OPI polish. 
WITHOUT POLISH  55 mins £46 CLASSIC 70 mins £47  INFINITE SHINE 70 mins £51 FRENCH 85 mins £52   


25 mins £35

Foot soak, scrub & foot massage, cuticle care & nail shaping


55 mins £46

Feet are soaked and exfoliated and a deeply-penetrating callus balm is applied to soften hard skin on the heels of the feet. The natural botanical extracts works like an invisible glove to restore pliability, soothing and protecting the skin. Once the callus mask has worked it's magic and your toenails and cuticles are trimmed and tidied your therapist will provide a relaxing lower leg and foot massage.

Add an OPI Polish: CLASSIC 70 mins £52  INFINITE SHINE 70 mins £56 FRENCH 85 mins £57