Mother's To Be

We are frequently asked “What treatments are suitable for me when I am pregnant?” and "Can I have a Spa Day when I am pregnant?”.

The first thing to note is that we would always advise against using the Spa facilities or having treatments during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. 

After 14 weeks (provided there are no complications in the pregnancy) our experience is that  most  Mother's-to-Be  can indulge in gentle massage therapies, hydrating body treatments, selected facials and the Bella Mama Treat which have all been especially created for mums to be.

The second thing to note is that it is the doctor or midwife who has primary responsibility for the care of the Mother-to-Be and her unborn child. We recommend, what we believe are suitable treatments, but we would always advise she checks with her doctor or midwife before arrival regarding the suitability of the treatments.

Upon arrival at the salon the Mother-to-Be will be asked to complete a Confidential Medical Questionnaire. She will also be asked to confirm that she has obtained her doctor’s approval of the proposed Therapies. You will find further details on all treatments suitable for Mum's to be on the section 'Pregnancy Treatments' For further advice please call 01508 471441

A guide to relaxation for expectant mothers
We think that a spa visit (after the first 3 months) is just what’s needed during pregnancy. What better time to treat your body to some rest and relaxation? So, where do you start?  Right here, with our guide on how to rest, relax and relieve during a very special time for your body.

A touch of luxury for expectant mothers
Many essential oils, products and treatment procedures which we normally use need to be avoided during pregnancy. So, we’ve introduced therapies designed specifically for pregnancy. All of the products and treatments have been carefully chosen to be completely safe and comforting.

And …. relax
What about when you’re relaxing around the spa?  It’s true that the hot facilities are out of bounds and high on this list are the saunas and steam rooms. But it doesn’t mean you can’t relax in some of the other facilities we have.

Pool Side
The loungers around the pool are remarkably comfortable and you can spend as long as you want just relaxing!

A swim in any pool can be a very welcome opportunity to get some essential exercise when you’re pregnant. Swimming is highly recommended to help improve circulation and boost oxygen levels in the blood. The buoyancy of the water can also counteract any increased back strain

Hot tubs, Jacuzzis and jets
You can still enjoy a little hydrotherapy, but you do have to limit it to just dangling your legs over the side.  So, if you’re with a group of friends and you want to stay social you can keep up with the conversation and join them at the edge. Unfortunately, the steam room and the Jacuzzi are just too hot for you and the jets too strong for your bump.

Don’t forget
Drink, drink, drink! Staying hydrated is even more important when you’re in the spa.  Cool water is available free of charge, so take advantage and keep drinking throughout your visit.