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Developed by skincare brand Nora Bode, the ABSOLUTE EFFECTS serums are cocktails of active ingredients with proven effectiveness, highly concentrated and free from fragrances, parabens and mineral oils. The serums are so effective and so pure that our therapists also use them in the NORA BODE OXYjet® PRESSURE INJECT treatments  


The NORA BODE Problem Solver Facial with ABSOLUTE EFFECTS

Everybody’s skin has individual needs and requires an individual skincare regime


NORA BODE Problem Solver Facial*


Suitable for all skin types, male and female

Incorporating the NORA BODE ABSOLUTE EFFECTS serums, the Problem Solver Facial is the perfect hands-on alternative to the OXYJET machine treatments. All skin concerns can be treated, effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing inflammation of impure skin, soothing sensitive skin, reducing pigmentation or to revitalise and energise dull skin of any age. Your skincare therapist will provide a classic facial cleanse and enzyme exfoliation, cooling, anti-ageing face mask, relaxing shoulder massage and choice of hand or scalp massage. Treatment is completed with a skin spritz and serum application.

To help maintain the benefits of your salon facial we recommend daily use of the Nora Bode Serum available to purchase from your skincare therapist




DECREASING SKIN TONE, sagging face contours and the formation of lines and wrinkles are the typical signs of mature skin. The volume booster contains extracts of Algae, Commiphora and Sea holly stem cells which fills up the skin from the inside out. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out and the face contour is tightened giving immediate, noticeable and visible effects. Skin is intensively moisturised and soft.


IRREGULAR PIGMENTATION OF THE SKIN AND AGE SPOTS disturb the impression of a balanced complexion making us look older than we really are. The brightening corrector contains Vitamin C, Niacin amide and special plant extracts which lighten dark skin spots, regulating the skins appearance. At the same time the pores are refined, the skin is intensively moisturised, it's elasticity improved and fine lines are smoothed out.


IMPURE SKIN can be a problem at any age. Excessive hornification and oiliness of the skin with pimples and inflammation is not only a concern for the young, woman of all ages can suffer from impurities caused by hormonal imbalance. Purifying control gently reduces hornifications, regulates hormonal imbalance, reducing inflammation and impurities. The skin appears clearer, refined and regulated


TIRED & DULL SKIN can affect anybody at any age, women and men alike. The energy reload concentrate is pure power: Containing vitamins A, E and C, oxygen and hyaluronic acid all in a microencapsulated form, penetrating deep into the skin giving it a fresh, tight and youthful appearance, full of energy, elasticity and tone. 


COUPEROSIS, IRRITATION AND INCREASED SENSITIVITY lead to an uneven skin appearance with redness and inflammation. Sensitive balance calms sensitive skin with dilated blood capillaries while a special peptide gently reduces the redness. An extract from Butcher's Broom stabilises the fine capillaries and extracts from Liquorice Root and Calendula calms the skin. Liposomal encapsulated hyaluronic acid supplies the skin with moisture through the day and makes the skin appear fresh and tight.